Wednesday, 15 September 2010

foot in the mouth

Have you ever exerienced foot in the mouth well i have. Today when I was at school me and my best mate have this friend called emma and she starting to hang around with a girl called lauren who is a user so charlotte my best mate told her aobut it and me charlotte and emma were at the lockers and emma said name the people who she has used so i started sayin the people deena joanne when lauren turned up behind me and charlotte covered for me she went d joanne i went yeh i love that song. Emma just walked quickly down the corridor laughing on the way to the canteen. That was a very close one. Next time I will know to always look behind me.
Anyway just another day, and another story.
Tenay x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Today's subject is fame to be honest I would love to be famous and I bet alot of kids my age do, but if your going to be famous you cant be snobby. If i was a famous author wich I hope to be soon with the money what I would get I would give some to charity I would give some out ot my family and then go on a shopping spree with my best friend. I mean all these kid stars are so snobby,that they don't appreciate fame, it won't last forvever you know. One day it will all go and they will wish they would of appreciaed it more. Every perk you get comes with a consequence. The best thing about being famous is if you were in school you wouldnt have to go you get a private tutor. Just another entry from me
Tenay x

Friday, 27 August 2010

The celeb daughters

Lately all i see in the newspapers is oh like madonnas daughter lourdes has spent so much on looking good omg how sad but thats just a matter of opinion most of these little celebs are my age range like who cares what they do i odnt they arent nay different from us they are no better than us. Most of these kids are spoilt brats who rich parents thats whats rong with this world there is people who think just because they have rich parents that they can do what they like because they are famous its stupid

Monday, 26 July 2010

the justice system

Don't you think the justice system is bad lately they are letting jamie bulgers killers get away with murder and very sick offences. I think that the justice system should think of the victims not the killers. To make this worse they are giving jon venables what he wants he should die in prison along with Robert Thompson.

Team Edward or Team Jacob

So are you Team Edward or Team jacob. Personally im neither i just think both of them are ugly. But on the other hand edward hasnt got the fit body or the fit mysterious look jacob has it all. Most girls ifnd Jacob the mysterious type while edward has the feirce look. I find most of the time that jacob has his top off while edwards more action and always has his top on.